Tips to Stay Away from Plagiarism

Tips to Stay Away from Plagiarism

Plagiarism is an unethical offense which lots of authors, researchers, journalists and professors commit either intentionally or accidentally. By committing this offense, you not only disrespect the original authors of content but also harm your credibility. If you are writing as a freelancer for either some website of a publishing house, your credibility goes on stake if you are proving them with plagiarized content. Staying away from such unethical offense is the foremost duty of all professionals working in writing and academics field. Listed below are some tips and tricks to help you provide a non-plagiarized content.

  1. If you have come across a blog or a website which has information that is apt for the subject which you need to write then do not copy the exact words and sentences. Thoroughly go through the information provided in that website, take the idea and try to phrase the information in your own words. This technique is called paraphrasing and can be very helpful to you.
  2. If you have taken some sentence from a website or a book, cite the same sentence using quotes in your content and refer to the author and source from which this sentence has been taken. This surely helps to avoid plagiarism allegations.
  3. Cite the references of the sources used (books, websites, blogs etc.) for writing your content in a separate section of your writing. This will help give the deserved credits to the original authors, and you would stay away from plagiarism, as well.
  4. Stay away from self-plagiarism. There might be a case that you have written about a topic for some blog or a website. Now you are given a task of writing on the same subject for a different website. Do not just go and copy all the content previously written by you. Paraphrase your original content and give an absolutely new content for the second website.
  5. Lots of free tools and software are available on internet these days which help you detect plagiarism in your content. Use these tools and rectify your content based on the results provided by these tools.

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