Plagiarism Checking

  • Upload

    The user uploads the content on a plagiarism checking tool for duplicity of the content. The tools work in real-time to detect plagiarised content on millions of web pages.

  • Break The Content

    The tool breaks the content in smaller portions and chunks. By splitting the content, the tools deliver precise results with even 6 words similarities in a sentence.

  • Search The Web

    The tool searches millions of pages on the web to find similar blocks of text, then the phrases and the sentences to regard it as plagiarised content.

  • Report

    The tool provides the user with a list of sources with the content matching to those sites, as its plagiarism report, to identify citations and references.

Advantages Of Plagiarism Checking Tools

Developing research papers have never been easier with the abundance of information in hand and the number of scholars conducting studies. While every content and argument has to be original, plagiarism checking tools play its part with its set of advantages to help in the removal of copied content :

Highlights the similar content

Plagiarism checking tools surf millions of pages on the internet and highlight the similar found content on the document. The tools match 4-6 consecutive words and list the source for the student to see the reference site, in order to either quote it or rewrite it.

Helps in citation and referencing, if missed

Most of the naive researchers keep track of all the notes to add in their research but lose track of sources, resulting in plagiarised content in the research. The plagiarism checking tools displays the source of copied content to help the scholars cite the sources, if they had missed it initially.

Provides a percent of plagiarised content with a proof

The plagiarism checking tools help the scholar to follow ethical limits of plagiarised content, with a percentage of the plagiarised content. Many of the tools provide plagiarism checked certificate as a proof for the University and aids in the removal of plagiarised content.

Helps in better paraphrasing abilities

While the plagiarism checking tools identify and highlight similar content, it helps the students to paraphrase better. Academicians tend to use similar terms and jargons in their content and paraphrase in a similar format, which is avoided by our team of PhD experts to remove plagiarism.

Inspect for the content in multiple languages, files, and formats.

Among the millions of pages on the internet, plagiarism checking tools inspect for the similar content in multiple languages for translated content, and in various files for the copied content. The tools are smarter than the scholars when it comes to checking of copied content.

Provide links to original/ primary sources.

When plagiarism checking tools surf the web to inspect the content and provide the sources of the copied content, the tools provide primary sources. While the scholars might have used secondary sources in their research, they should mention original sources too.

Plagiarism Check

Plagiarism is the act of stealing a person’s work. Whether it is an essay, thesis or dissertation, any work or a part of work that is found to be copied from another source is considered to have plagiarism issues.