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Why do you need us for plagiarism removal service?

Admit it that it is nearly impossible to write a research paper without using the reference papers verbatim. However, failing to cite the references automatically makes the content plagiarised. A scholarly researcher may use a plagiarism tool online to bring his research near perfection, but how much can he rely on the tool? While the scholar may use free or paid tools and source the plagiarised content, paraphrasing, the content will be unmanageable. The student may have wrongly quoted someone or used someone’s content, unintentionally. And there we come to help the researchers to remove the plagiarised content and paraphrase it.

To overcome such cases of plagiarism, we help the research students to remove the copied content from the research papers. With thorough knowledge in the domain, Plagiarism Removal rewrites the plagiarised content for the scholars. We purge your academic document and make it plagiarism free with a certificate to prove it to your committee.

Tools We Use

Among the hundreds of plagiarism checking tools online, the Universities do not reckon on every one of them. It is hard for the students to choose among the options and even harder to have faith in that tool. The scholars are wise enough to not pay for the tools and still not able to rely on them. With a bunch of acute researchers and their advice, Plagiarism Removal use only a few plagiarism checking tools and make sure that your paper has genuinely original ideas. The tools that we use are:


Turnitin is a paid plagiarism checking tool backed up by iThenticate, was launched in 1997. The tool checks submitted documents to identify plagiarised content from the existing sources. The tool checks for unoriginal text, which is neither cited and nor quoted in the research papers. Turnitin is the most reliable plagiarism checker among the rest by the Universities.


Grammarly is a cloud-based platform to check unoriginal texts in the research papers. The tool runs against billions of web pages to provide the source of copied content. Grammarly was released in 2009 but has been one of the most reliable resources since then. The tool detects grammar mistakes in the document, as an add-on and proofread the paper.

Plagiarism Checker

The name plagiarism checker itself says that the tool is used to check plagiarised content. While a scholar is allowed to use a limited percent of another person’s content, plagiarism checker detects every unethically used content. The tool is a reliable source for the research students to highlight the copied content and paraphrase or quote it in the paper.


Urkund offers a full-scale text recognition system to detect and prevent plagiarism. The platform searches the documents on the web and academically published or submitted content. The results are presented comprehensively for the scholar to know about the similar written content. Urkund is one of the reliable tools by the Universities.

Plagiarism Check

Plagiarism is the act of stealing a person’s work. Whether it is an essay, thesis or dissertation, any work or a part of work that is found to be copied from another source is considered to have plagiarism issues.