Some Hazards for Your Work


You are in the process of writing for a public forum and are charged to make a difference with your ideas and views. You have everything on your side and you know where you are going, but something goes wrong and you may not be able to prove your prowess. This is a very natural and a common thing to happen with writing aspirants. Luck is not always on your side and sometimes you have to face rejection. However, rejection should not be the end of the road. Here is a list of some hazards of writing and how you can avoid them:

Bad spelling or grammar: Writing may be a tedious task, every time an idea strikes, you may not be in the right state of mind to realize the mistakes that you may be making with your spellings and grammar. When faced with such a problem, the first thing to do is to run a spell and grammar check, once the check is run all the mistakes can be corrected to make the matter presentable.

Interrupted or amateur flow: Sometimes you may have all the ideas and the creativity to put them in words, but if you do not have the skill to format the flow the entire initiative may fail. When you need to improve flow of writing, you should first learn how experts write. You can also check the web for tutorials on flow of writing.

Plagiarism: this is one of the greatest hazards of writing. If your work seems copied or proves to be so, you can expect outright rejection. In the field of writing, make sure you do not put in anything that you cannot call entirely yours. When in doubt, make sure you have your work checked by peers or experts. You can also give credits and citations when you take an inspiration.

Keeping track of mistakes and learning from them is one of the best ways to succeed.

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