Is plagiarism always a problem?

Is plagiarism always a problem?

Many times, students tend to copy content unintentionally, as they are in a rush to complete assignments. Some quotations, used within quotes, but without the proper citations may also lead to plagiarism. It can, therefore, be put forth that self-plagiarism is unethical though not illegal. Many reasons have often been given in order to prove that self-plagiarism is not an offence and not even unethical. In order to write a new paper for publication one can restate his or her previous work so that the ground for the new work can be laid down in a better way with more effectiveness.

A writer or researcher can also use some portions from his or her previous work to draw a link between the previous work and the new work. Moreover, an author can also publish his or her work in different countries because a reader of the work will be different and he or she will be able to lend their thought in new dimensions so that more audience can be attracted to their work. Lastly, the writer sometimes thinks that the first written document is so good that there is no need for changing it. It can therefore be shown that self-plagiarism is not always unethical too.

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