Handy Tips for a Life Outside Your PhD

Handy Tips for a Life Outside Your PhD

Any PhD program can be very intense and suck the energy from those pursuing them. The daily grind of challenging research work coupled with the odd working hours can seriously affect your work-life balance. In order to survive the demands of your long PhD program that could last 5-7 years, you also need to relax and rejuvenate yourself with timely breaks.

Listed below are some time-tested tips for maintaining a life outside your PhD program:

  1. Try music or reading for relaxation.
    Listening to music or some casual novel reading can take your mind off your gruelling research schedule and help you relax. Some students also listen to soothing music when working in the lab.
  1. Be active on the social front.
    Being a PhD student does not mean that you should forgo your social life, especially on weekends. A weekend lunch or meeting with your friends or family or a dancing evening in a club can help you maintain your sanity. If you are more adventurous, you must consider joining a rock band or any sports team.
  1. Take regular breaks.
    Other than having a beer party, there are several activities that you can do to take a much-needed break from your PhD program.  Depending on your interest, you can try learning the guitar, or maybe a travel vacation, or joining a book club.
  1. Don’t worry about your future. Work towards it.
    Constant worry about life after PhD can be very stressful. Instead of waiting till the completion of your program, you can start working towards it now. Networking on online social platforms or working on a summer intern job or collecting information of the job market or skill demands can gear you for a great future.
  1. Take care of your health.
    Many students do not take care of their health on a daily basis. Try sticking to a daily food routine irrespective of your schedule. Additional exercising activities like swimming, cycling, or going to the gym can improve your overall energy levels.
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