Enabling Original Research Work

Enabling Original Research Work

Research or investigation in any domain calls for the flow and development of a novel idea. Origination of that idea leads to the solution of social, environmental, and economical problems around us. As the problems being faced by us are unique in nature, hence it is required by the research community to welcome the ideas those are innovative and unique in nature. The ideas may be seminal in nature, or they may be incremental. However, one thing has to be ensured that those ideas are the original creations of the researcher, not imitated from anywhere else. If that so, the work can never be accepted as a proper research work. The work is considered as a plagiarized one.

To substantiate own research hypotheses, it is required by the researchers to place their research ideas amidst the existing body of knowledge. While doing so, they have to cite and refer to the arguments articulated by previous researchers. This is area, where plagiarism takes place the most. There are several organizations, which provide students and researchers with their services with a view to coming up with a fresh and innovative research work by eliminating or revising the areas, which deem to be plagiarized. One of such organizations is plagiarism-removal.com.

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