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With numerous plagiarism removal tools online, a scholar cannot depend on them to make his thesis entirely free of plagiarised content. Even though the software is not wholly reliable, some companies help with the removal of copied content. But how does a scholar choose among them? How will he know that this company will bring out the best of his thesis? While plagiarism removal companies try to detect another author’s work around the web to a specific level, we incorporate natural language processing techniques to the existing tools. The cutting-edge technology analyses the structure of the text while checking millions of books, articles, online research papers, and the published papers to make sure that the content is entirely original.

Plagiarism Removal has a diligent team of academic writers and PhD consultants, who have years of experience in providing research help and guide the students towards success. We work rigorously to check the content and conduct severe training sessions for the writers and editors to follow a functional system at work. We provide multiple language support to analyse the research work of different languages as well. Knowing the importance of the thesis in a student’s life, and how the plagiarised content will affect their thesis, our plagiarism removal service assists them to get a plagiarism free thesis.

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Although writers and authors may not intentionally use other’s content; however, sometimes the matter accidentally matches among a large number of the research collection. While you might have already checked your research paper on various tools to remove plagiarism and make it original, the work of our PhD consultants is comprehensive and the second pair of eyes will make sure that there is no trace of uncertainty. We will work for the quality of your matter and provide it as an authentic research work with the minimum ratio of plagiarism.

The world of plagiarism and its allies

What is Plagiarism?

The unauthorised use of another’s matter is broadly known as plagiarism. Whether it is about language, thoughts, ideas, or expression, it is stealing other person’s work. The process can either be intentional or accidental, but the writer must abide by the rule of using the percent of plagiarised content provided by the university.

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How to avoid Plagiarism?

The easiest way to avoid plagiarism is to quote the used references or paraphrase it with your own understanding. The literature review of a paper has to be his critical review of the studied literature and not the copy of the existing literature. The writer must know the plagiarism percentage allowed by the University to use other’s work.

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Plagiarism Checking?

There are copious tools to check plagiarism, but the candidate has to choose the most efficient tool for their research. With a range of free and paid tools to check the authenticity of the content the user cannot trust the tool blindly. The writer should have a maximum of 15-20% of the plagiarised content in the thesis.

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The last time I checked my content through an online plagiarism tool, it showed a very less percentage; however, my University rejected the thesis on the basis of plagiarism. Plagiarism Removal rechecked my content and with the means of Natural Language Processing and my thesis ended with a lowest plagiarism rate.

- Anjali Arora

Plagiarism Removal had made it so simple for me improvise the content and promote ethical writing practice, with original and authentic content. The team has helped me develop an original content and present it to the University.

- Rohit

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