Plagiarism Removal Techniques

Plagiarism undermines the scholarly enterprise and is regarded as treason. Replicating other people’s ideas has become rampant which needs an immediate prevention for educational purposes. This coping of ideas is directly effecting the education, publishing and even business sectors. Citing a person’s genuine work is giving him due respect and committing to plagiarism is like dishonoring him/her.

Always go for a second shot

It is always good that someone trained goes through your writing who can judge well. So once you have second set of eyes in the form of a tutor, friend or colleague helps in detecting the abnormalities and any kind of plagiarism.

Prepare a check list

Always prepare a check list and keep questioning yourself. Do not feel shy to ask someone for an advice about your work

Do the research work

Doing a research a before and after the writing is one best way. Doing a research before writing helps in knowing who have done the work before so that you take the content and provide the citation. If you have done the research after writing, and found that the content is already covered by someone, now make sure you have added the citation to avoid plagiarism. This helps in taking the right decision about which content should be added and what not to be.

Cite all resources

Make sure that you have provided all the citation s and respected the person for his genuine work.

Select the familiar content

Rather than attempting something which you do not know and end up adding from other sources, it is better that students or researchers stick to the mere simple aspect of the problem. Whether students do this wontedly or unwontedly because that they have no idea about the topic they end up doing plagiarism.

Not every writer commit to plagiarism. Deliberately or inadvertently some matter may creep into the writings. So as proof reader with professionally trained eyes we are her to help you.

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