Plagiarism Removal Process

Plagiarism undermines the scholarly enterprise and is regarded as treason. Replicating other people’s ideas has become rampant which needs an immediate prevention for educational purposes. This coping of ideas is directly effecting the education, publishing and even business sectors. Citing a person’s genuine work is giving him due respect and committing to plagiarism is like dishonoring him/her.

In one or the other way, steering clear of plagiarism helps students in developing their knowledge of academic citations and reference which is good to follow.

  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Notice

    This is the best and simple method by sending a DMCA notice to the subject to remove the content plagiarized. This gives an opportunity to the user to remove the content and comply with the rules.

  • Surgical Removal Method

    This can be done in the case of social networking sites and other domains where host has more control over the domain. The host can directly remove the content thereby reducing the damage. Advantage of this method is that only the plagiarized part is removed.

  • Total Removal

    In situations where the host has control over the content, the host simply deletes the whole blog, chain or lock down the user access.

  • Nuclear Alternative

    Sometimes the DMCA notice will be taken to the higher level by the hosts thereby removing entire account. Though this could be the right method to face the spammers, it could affect other genuine authors.

Of the above mentioned processes the best method could be decided on the severity of the problem and control of the content.

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