Using Technology for a Thesis Free from Plagiarism

Using Technology for a Thesis Free from Plagiarism

Technology has helped every industry to grow and helped people to overcome many problems and education is one industry where technology is helping both students and professors in many aspects. With the help of technology many books, articles and other resources which are very old are being digitalized to bring them closer to students and researchers. Also with internet available easily than before the task of writing or reading articles, preparing thesis and project reports have become easier. For students writing reports technology has helped in gathering the information easily saving them a lot of time and money. With more information easily available, it has become easier for students and authors to go through more data to compile a better and meaningful report.

With the developing technology there are also increased side effects being observed. Students while writing reports or articles due to lack of time may copy and paste some information from other sources which leads to plagiarism. While some do it knowingly some others might unknowingly commit the mistake. Done either way there is also other way to overcome this plagiarism using technology. There are many software’s available in the market and more being developed every day to check plagiarism. While some software’s can detect plagiarism up to a string level, software developed by can detect not only plagiarism at string level but also can detect the structure of the text. This helps in removing even the minute errors.

Experts with decades of experience can guide the students in an efficient manner with the help of the software. Often the information might be added unknowingly that is present elsewhere. Even experts might not know this due to lack of information. In this circumstances software can help to overcome the problem as they can access loads of data available on the internet with very less time. Also with the availability of email and other internet technologies students can sit at their hostel room or at home and request for these services. This helps students to save their time and money and can utilize the available time in more productive activities. can help the students identify the plagiarism easily saving them time. The experts at can help students in providing suggestions to overcome the plagiarism and provide citations etc to eliminate the copied content. At the end of the day the synergy technology and experts helps in delivering better reports resulting in good grades.


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